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Cheesy Software Cheesy Software. Cheesy, yet cool, games. Most of these games are fun remakes of past favorites. They feature good graphics, entertaining sounds and fast action! So, click the pic to download games such as Megapede, Cheesy Invaders, Mortal Pong and MORE! Fun for everyone!
Alpha Omega Software Alpha Omega Software.These games are not as cheesy, but they still are fun! Follow the link to download games like HTank (a two player split screen tank battle game) and Grid Poker (a form of solitare using poker hands lad out in a 5 by 5 grid, very addicting).
Murk'95 Murk, a simple platform game that I orginally wrote on my first PC. Recently I ported it to Windows'95. There is also DOS text and VGA graphics versions. The text version is less than 60k and runs on low power x86 DOS machines. I use it on my Poqet PC, and I have friends that use it on their HP palmtops (100LX, 200LX and there is a special version for the 95LX). Plus, you can make your own levels!
Java Invaders Java Invaders, My first Java game, a cheesy version of space invaders. You play the game right here in your web browser! So, click on the link and start shooting, no need to download and install!

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