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Murk95 0.3a
The beta test version of Windows'95 Murk is here!
Now with digital sounds and much better graphics.
It's fully compatible with Murk4 levels!
The final version will look even better than the above,
there are still more graphics to add!
Needs Windows'95, 256 Colors (~882k beta versions)

Soon, there will be a Windows'95 Murk level Editor!


The Murk Story

This is a simple little game I wrote a while back, I have not given it much thought till I got my Poqet PC. While looking around for games that would work on it I recalled Murk. Using Murk in text mode worked great on the Poqet (Murk also runs in 256 color VGA). So I decided to rewrite Murk in C and make it faster, smaller and smoother than before (originally it was in pascal).

Murk is a "lobe runner" sorta game. It's a platform jumper, basically grab all the diamonds, and get to the teleporter without running into a bad guy or touching a bad block. I have always liked this kind of game, and me and my friends used to make levels and see how well the others could solve them.

So I like to see if any other "palmtop" (or desktop) owners would also enjoy this game, so here is the alpha version of the rewrite. It's should work on an 8086 just fine (works well on my Poqet, which is no speedster). Remeber, this is an beta, so if you find a bug, or don''t like something, tell me so I can fix it!

Right now I'm working on the keyboard routines, trying to get the right feel. A few people have said it is a bit touchy, so tell me what you think.

Perhaps I will do a VGA version (with silly digital sound) and make a level editor.

If you use Murk on a DOS palmtop, email me and tell me how it works, or tell me what doesn't work!
(I'm really curious about HP LXs.)

[Text Murk Image] Text Murk 4.0g
This is the text version (now supports both color and mono). It works well on most DOS palmtops. (Don't forget to switch it to mono mode when used on a black & white screen!)
Needs 8086+, DOS 3.0+, CGA or better (~27k beta versions)
A simple Murk level editor by Jason Kronz.
Needs Mouse (~20k)
HP95lx Murk 4.0g
I think the keyboard bug is fixed!
Test it for me if you have a HP95lx, and tell me if it works!
This is the alpha test version of Murk for the HP95lx palmtop. It allows you to scroll and see the entire Murk level on the HP95's small screen.
For HP95lx (~27k alpha versions)
This is a Murk Icon for the HP LX. Sent to me by Marko Rantala. I personally don't know wht it looks like, since I don't have a LX right now.
Need HP LX (200 Bytes)
PS: If anyone has programming info for the HP LXs
(or any other DOS palmtop), please send it to me, or tell me where to get it! (That way I can add special features for the HP LXs.)

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