Java Invaders
By Jeff Anderson, Copyright 1998
Works best on a 166 mhz machine or better, running at least Internet Explorer 4.0, or Netscape 4.05. Older Browser can some times cause stange things to happen, or will run the game too slowly. (If the screen flicker, your computer is having trouble keeping up. Try closing other windows, and if that does'nt help try upgrading your browser or buy a faster computer!)

Directions: Click in the game area to play. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and space to fire. Shot all the invaders before they reach the bottom of the screen. You get 100 shields to start with. If a bomb hit you, you lose 5 shields. If an alien hits you, you lose 20 shields. Shoot down the health and catch it to gain back shield energy. When your shields are gone, the game is over. Press 's' to start a new game.

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