These games were made back in the late 90s, when DOS and 16 bit Windows ruled the earth. Thus they work fine with Dos, Win 3.1 and Win95/98/ME, but not so well with Win 2000/XP. To use them with Win 2000/XP I suggest downloading a Dos emulator like DosBox.

Megapede'95 0.4c
This is one of my most popular games. It's a cheesy take-off on Centipede. It is very cheesy, with cool graphics, and lots of neat sounds! Tons of fun and fast action, download it today!
Needs DOS, VGA, SB and Mouse! (~1.4 megs)
Or you can download the previous version, which is perfered by some: Megapede 2.0c.
Mortal Pong 0.5c
This is a cheesy version of good old pong. Unlike pong, there is more than one ball on the screen at a time, and when you get a ball past your opponent's paddle his life force is drained. You can control the number of Balls, and you can pick from different computer players! It's for one or two players.
Needs DOS and VGA! (~331k Beta)
Cheesy Invaders 0.8c
This is a cheesy parody of one of the first video games, Space Invaders. Once again it hass very silly graphics and sounds. This game uses a higher resolution (360x480 with 256 colors) and it looks pretty good! If you like this kind of game, download it!
Needs DOS, VGA, and Mouse! (~618K Beta)
Roastem 5.0h
Remeber that old atillary game you use to play? Well this is a remake of it. Except, now it's cooler, has more features, and digital sounds (in the Cheesy Software tradition)! You can blow up a friend or play against the computer. One of my first PC games, revamp with sound and stuff for Cheesy Software.
Needs DOS and EGA or VGA! (~503k)

Me: I wasted lots of time programming all these games. But I loved creating them all!
Matt Brend: Helped with lot of things, especially testing, docs, sounds and graphics!
Steve Webb: Rendering Graphics, and being generally cheesy (See Vector Graph below).
Eli Enigenburg: Lots of graphics (He did almost all of the Megapede graphics)!
And thanks to
Steve Leathard and Bart Wilson!

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