by Jeff Anderson and Company

These games were made back in the late 90s, when DOS and 16 bit Windows ruled the earth. Thus they work fine with Dos, Win 3.1 and Win95/98/ME, but not so well with Win 2000/XP. To use them with Win 2000/XP I suggest downloading a Dos emulator like DosBox.

Htank 1.0e A One or Two player split screen tank battle game. Just like ones from years past, except better graphics and sound! Plus, each player gets there own view! Needs DOS or Better and VGA. (~302K)
Grid Poker 1.0d A fun solitaire poker game. Try it, but beware, it's addicting! Works on almost any DOS PC with a color monitor and a mouse! (~17K)
Murmel 1.05 A simple and fun puzzel-game! Need DOS and VGA (~25K)

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